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About my work

Voice qualities

    Clients usually choose my voice for these criteria

       ... friendly, warm and reassuring
       ... clear, authentic and confident
       ... cheerful and excited
       ... a specific timbre to the voice
       ... in the age range of 25-45
       ... Oslo accent / Eastern Norway / Bokmål
       ... English w/ neutral/non-placeable accent
       ... English w/ Scandinavian accent


For more than a decade I have worked exclusively within the VO-industry with Norwegian as well as international clients, and gained a broad experience:

     ... TV continuity & promos
     ... commercials
     ... commercials for kids
     ... education & e-learning
     ... corporates
     ... instructions
     ... alarm & telephone system voice
     ... radio host
     ... narrator for podcast series 


Since 2014 I have delivered VOs from my own professional home studio on a daily basis.
Studio details:

     ... Protools recording software
     ... AKG C214 microphone
     ... Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, interface & mic preamp
     ... voice and time to video/pictures
     ... if preferable voice live through SessionLink or                  Source Connect Now to an audio-engineer in                    another studio.  Or record locally with client just                listening in, edit and send sound files.   

Brands I´ve worked with

Google Nest Protect.              TV6 National TV           
YouTube Premium                   TV3 National TV
BMW                                        Viaplay
​Danske Bank                           Viafree
WWF                                        Oslo Universitetssykehus          Maserati                                  Aschehoug             
Melange                                  Schibsted

Walt Disney                             

Clas Ohlson

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